Bilbo in Rivendell

One of my favorite things in the world is Tolkien’s The Hobbit, and I am always fascinated by Bilbo Baggins. Like a young Bilbo I was shoved out of the door (my dwarves was Chem 17) and learned to embrace the internet and tried to be creative in it. Then, I responsibilties got in the way, plus I got older. I have been blogging since I discovered the internet way back in 1998 (offline html until 2003 because I live in the provinces, so hooray backwards town). That was when I fancied myself as a writer, and when one of my dreams was to be published before hitting 20 (it didn’t happen). In college many people pushed me to pursue a career in writing; but looking at how prolific I found all those blogs are on Livejournal compared to mine (later I realized that a big bulk of them were actually pretentious), I decided to pursue my first, impractical love – art. I never left writing though – I wrote about making art, and how to make it more readable through graphic design.

I credit Livejournal with developing my Photoshop skills (those help me land more jobs than my degree). I wrote about art school and the frustrations of a design student in a society where design is an afterthought. And I wrote about books and movies. Then I went to work and forgot about blogging. I never had the time to write anymore, and I was afraid that I would let my readers down with complaints, inter-office bitching, and my laughable attempts to stay employed – which I have lots to write about. And I could’ve stayed complaining. But I realized that I was growing out of it. I had to do something Then I discovered tumblr. Tumblr made me want to blog again. True, tumblr has an attention span of 8-year-olds, but the visuals are great and people are as nice as the LJ kids. The short attention span actually made me want to post longer entries and to tell more stories. So now I’m figuring out WordPress, bought a domain name, and trying to write again. I actually started last April when I bought this, but I get so frustrated whenever WP disagrees with me (I apologize, coding skills are rusty wtf). 

Beruna Girl is now my official blog, and I will try to write about the nice things in life and design. And with enough tweaking I hope to get a portfolio running. So bear with me as I retake this journey again. 😉