Out of the Box

It took me some weeks to blog about it, and here it is: I am finally done with my last day at work! Cue the obligatory, I’m-channelling-Mel-Gibson-in-Braveheart yells of “freedom!!!” from this direction. I am officially self-employed and will be happy to accept your commissions and projects you’d be sending my way. But wow, I never imagined to work in an office – in a manufacturing plant in Laguna, no less – for three years, but life does surprise you.

My stay in KPPI has been the longest, and I would like to believe that a mixture of good environment, efficiency, and creativity kept me there for as long as I could. The office wasn’t perfect, but it gave me an opportunity to stretch my creativity. It gave exercises for the analytic side of my brain, and actually made use of the things I learned in industrial design. Everything is always designed to be more efficient and economical than the last, and it’s a real challenge to do.

Last year, they sent some of us to our Japan office and I’m still very thankful for the opportunity (Japan! Yes! I should go back!). I still am not the friendliest person in the bunch, but I learned a lot on communicating well and dealing with different kinds of people. I can’t (and won’t) post the things I did for our clients, but I can post the work I did for company events. I would always volunteer to make our shirt and stage designs because it’s extra work that I enjoy, plus it gives me a chance to practice new techniques and styles:

Yes, I made things for corporate events
and even officemates’ family’s birthdays
I even made some weird, 3D things for special events, like this gigantic carton 1-peso coin (my final project)

Every quarter, our evaluation form would ask us the question, “where do you imagine yourself in 5 years?” I would always answer it with “still designing things.” Creating will always be a big part of me, and I’m happy to spend these last few years inserting my creativity to every project I do. I’m thankful for my old office for all the opportunities they gave me, and I wish everyone the best.